Charity Pledge

Over a long and multifaceted career in the finance industry, I have realized that my passion lies in helping business leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs. Rocket Model helps me realize that passion, by providing high-quality spreadsheet products to those placing themselves in the arena, boldly pursuing financial opportunity.

Rocket Model is also a way for me to grow my network, generate new opportunities for personal investment, and make new friends. To be honest, it’s a pretty awesome hobby.

What I have never intended for Rocket Model to be, however, is a means by which I will make money.

With that in mind, Rocket Model pledges to donate 100% of net revenue (defined as gross receipts, less processing fees paid to Gumroad and any returns issued to customers) to charity. Every last dollar. (The lawyers are telling me that I need to reserve the right to change this in the future, but, in such circumstances, I will update this page accordingly.)

At the end of each quarter, I will contribute these funds to World Vision, a wonderful and highly rated faith-based charity dedicated to eradicating global hunger. Given the current tragic situation in Ukraine, we will be donating specifically in support of Ukrainian relief efforts.

Thank you for supporting Rocket Model–it is a blessing to be able to work with the capable and innovative people I meet through this platform. More importantly, thank you for helping me support those in need.