Model, forecast, analyze, and visualize. We not only make it easy, we make it fun.

Our mission is to democratize the world of financial analysis.

We help business leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs boldly pursue financial opportunity by creating spreadsheet products that are…


We create our products to meet the exacting standards of high-performing finance professionals, and we use them in our own businesses.

Easy to Use

Enter your assumptions in the input cells (or link them to another file) and you’re ready to go. No formulas, code, or Wall Street analyst needed.

Works of Art

We may be biased, but we think spreadsheets can be beautiful. Copy ours directly into your pitch deck or marketing materials and have confidence that they look professional, legible, and sharp.

Not Cloud-Based

Our spreadsheets run directly in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. No special software or platform required—and no recurring payments, either.
Robert Sterling

Built by a finance professional, for finance professionals.

I’m Robert Sterling. I’m an investor and a fractional CFO, advising companies in industries as diverse as SaaS, real estate, fintech, and CPG. I spent much of my career in corporate M&A, completing $10B in acquisitions, divestitures, and capital-markets transactions in the commodities and agriculture industries. I started my career as an actuary in the pensions industry.
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